From left to right: Justin Swiney, BD3 & FKAjazz

Trew Culture is a culture collective of musicians, artists and producers.

Founded by [from left to right] Justin Swiney, BD3 & FKAjazz with it’s official launch 0n February 28th 2019, Trew Culture’s aim is to highlight the melting pot of New York City through the performance & production of East Coast Hiphop & Jazz music, fashion and the arts. With J. Swiney, a native Brooklynite, BD3 a first generation West Indian who also grew up in Brooklyn and FKAjazz, a New York transplant originally from Houston, the three bring a distinct but diverse outlook on the culture. As the three artists began working alongside each other, it quickly became apparent that their musical kinship was something they could take beyond the limitations of the individual grind; that through working together they could create something greater than what either could accomplish on their own. BD3 states,

"If the arts and other manifestation of human achievements regarded collectively is the definition of culture then Trew Culture is the actualization of that collective effort that holds the bonds of spirit in its execution. Trew Culture is the essence of the building blocks that brought the sounds of jazz and the tongue of Hiphop to reignite the voice of the people. With both genres of music being the authentic voice of the people , Trew Culture is the musical plight of the people in physical form. We are the sound that will close the generational gap, we are the connective cells that bring the spirit of our ancestors threw song, we are the truth, therefore we must be the light in an age full of grey.”

The foundation of Trew Culture is its music. Starting with the release of Stereotype Threat by FKAjazz in 2017 and then Time.Era.Period by BD3 (produced by Justin Swiney) in 2018, the rumination of finding a way to define the growing musical relationship and the united spirit behind the music gave raise to the creation of the collective. As FKAjazz put it,

“It was a seamless process! I met Justin while doing a tribute concert for Clyde Stubblefield in March 2017, a few months after creating FKAjazz as a new direction in my music career. Quickly thereafter we started working together. Justin contributed to my album "Stereotype Threat” and is a heavy contributor on my upcoming album as well. Also through Justin, I met & started working with BD3 toward the production of his album Time.Era.Period (2018) and was deeply inspired by the talented Hiphop artist. Both of these guys are not only talented but we share a similar vision to grow together, understanding the value in building each other up and keeping each other motivated in an otherwise difficult industry to breakthrough.”

Naturally, these three have been surrounded by a diverse and eclectic group of musicians & artists based on their longstanding careers in music; from their work within the wide diaspora of music flowing out of the New York City area. Artists & musicians like singer/rapper Edson Sean, singer/songwriter Natalie Oliveri, bassist & songwriter, Yoshiki Yamada, hiphop artist Walky Wah are among a few joining the TrewCulture collective. In reflection J. Swiney brings illustration to the atmosphere the collective has created.

“Music is a universal language. As FKAJazz would say, ‘music is my first language.’ That’s the case for everyone involved in Trew Culture, music first. Being of Guyanese decent like my brother, Edson Sean, we have a common kinship. Same thing for my brother BD3 who is first generation American. We’re all transplants that bring a unique cultural flavor to Trew Culture. It’s ingrained in our music and comes out even more when we bring it to the live stage. FKAJazz brings that Houston Sway, Noah adds a taste of Boston and Yoshiki adds a bit of heat with that wasabi from Japan. All of that mixed together gives you a dynamic experience that all ages can enjoy.” 

And it’s more than apparent during a live performance that feels more like a full showcase of the hottest talent in NYC, rather than a show only featuring one artists and his/her work. When Trew Culture performs, you’re in for almost more than you can handle; high musicality, amazing artistry & awesome vibes. It feels more like a party than a concert. See you at the next Trew Culture event and/or be a part of our online community through our newly established podcast at www.soundcloud.com/trewculture.