Who is Trew Culture?

A Collective of musicians & artists.

The 3 founders of Trew Culture, saxophonist/producer FKAjazz, lyricist BD3 & drummer/producer Justin Swiney started the collective with the sole purpose of supporting, development & representing music centered around Black American Music. A melting pot of jazz, hiphop, r&B and more, Trew Culture seamlessly bends an array of genres all under the diverse umbrella that make up the groups long history in the music industry. Trew Culture is new, but the individuals that make up the collective have extensive careers that span across the globe. FKAjazz, BD3 & J. Swiney have ample touring experience and recording history, as do all the members of the collective. Also on deck are singer/songwriter Natalie Oliveri, keyboardist & synth designer Noah MacNeil, acoustic/electric/key bassist Yoshiki Yamada, guitarist/singer Julian Litwack as well as an array of guest artists including Marcus Machado, Edson Sean, JSWISS, Walky Wah, and more. Trew Culture officially launched in March 2019 and have recently release singles by FKAjazz & BD3 respectively. Upcoming releases are set throughout the rest of the year so be sure to follow these artists on Spotify or all streaming and social media platforms.


New FKAjazz Single “Star-Crossers”

Review from DMNDR blog:

FKAjazz released the single “Star-Crossers” today, marking the follow up release from Musician/Producer/Writer Samir Zarif to 2017’s Stereotype Threat.

“Star-Crossers” features American Idol finalist Elise Testone and rapper/singer Edson Sean,
and blends traditional jazz, R&B and hip-hop into a painfully refined track. Zarif’s horn lines are the perfect compliment to Testone’s vocals- with the two operating as sultry-smooth bookends framing Sean’s bars. This track has an instantly classic sound, with Testone dealing early, delivering a Bobby Caldwell type phrasing that’s been updated for 2019. Sean’s bars are themselves familiar sounding, recalling early Nas or Tribe in delivery, scratching this blog’s deep itch for Queens culture.

Review from

With the single release of "Star-Crossers" FKAjazz is illustrating with refinement, the eclectic musical journey he has been on since his first release as a jazz musician in 2010, Starting Point (under his legal name Samir Zarif).

Deemed a "triple threat, Musician/Producer/Writer" by United Press International, Samir Zarif aka FKAjazz has took the scene by storm with his 2017 debut release, Stereotype Threat, a groundbreaking sophomore album under his new moniker, FKAjazz. Now set for the March 1 release of his newest single "Star-Crossers” featuring former American Idol finalist Elise Testone and rapper/singer Edson Sean, FKAjazz is on the move again.

Review from

Samir Zarif’s FKAjazz alter ego takes his jazz background and lets it meet hip-hop on his new single “Star-Crossers” featuring American Idol finalist Elise Testone and rapper Edson Sean. The dreamy single is lifted by Testone’s smoky phrases and Sean’s punchy rap as FKAjazz’s saxophone offers a warm companion to their sounds. “Star-Crossers” follows FKAjazz’s Stereotype Threat debut album from 2017. The musician, producer and songwriter has entered into a space of jazz and hip-hop flowing together pioneered by artists like A Tribe Called Quest, Guru and Digable Planets but for the millennial generation. FKAjazz explained his musical ideas on BRIC TV’s B-Side,

“My goal is not to just pay homage to the foundation of jazz but to all Black American Music.”

Trew Culture Podcast Episode #1 is here!

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Trew Culture’s foundation will always stem from it’s music. But music stems from life and there’s a lot to be discussed when it comes to the life & culture that is imbued in this group of extraordinary artists. Join us periodically as we discuss & debate issues, concepts & ideas that our all “trew” to the culture. Dropping Feb 28th 2019 exclusively on SoundCloud.

Take A Sip Of BD3’s ‘Green Juice’

2019 will be here before we know it, and everyone will soon be on their "new year, new me" vibe resolving to get their lives together. But why wait until then? Emcee BD3  has the soundtrack to get you right together right now with his song "Green Juice" featuring Edson Sean. Taken from his latest album Time.Era.Period, as the title suggests, "Green Juice" is all about living healthy but it's about loving healthy, too…

"Put your body on this green fast," BD3 raps on the chorus, encouraging us to drink our veggies. "Wheatgrass shot going down it's a booster / Cucumber nine inch put it in / And drink it down so it's good for your skin," Edson Sean spits on one particularly flirty verse. He continues to entice with his words, rapping, "I got the best thing on earth right here / It's for your body and your soul, my dear."

There's more heat where "Green Juice" came from to be found on BD3's Time.Era.Period, which dropped in September and is produced entirely by Justin Swiney. BD3 and Swiney not only collaborated together on this project but together with FKA Jazz they've founded Trew Culture, described as a culture collective of musicians, artists and producers. Their mission is to bridge the gap between hip-hop and jazz and bring everything “trew” to the culture to the forefront. READ FULL ARTICLE